3rd and last Google Summer of Code project presentations, including Dronecoria

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After a long summer coding here're the final presentations of the Google Summer of Code 2019 projects.

Google announced the final statistics: 1,134 students from 61 countries have successfully completed the 2019 program, working through 12 weeks with 201 open source organizations and over 2,000 mentors from 72 countries.
Thank you to the seven students that have performed very well, and the team of twelve mentors and co-mentors that helped them succeed. A special mention to the ones attending the presentation sessions from Palo Alto-California, Sidney-Australia, Sorocaba-Brasil, Rosario-Argentina, India and Spain (Tenerife, Barcelona, La Rioja and Lleida)

LG Controller redesign - Sreyas Ravichandran

Liquid Galaxy for Education Iván Colomer 

Albert Morea AirMashup for Liquid Galaxy

Claudia Mihaela Python library for real time data visualization 

New Tools for Liquid Galaxy - Eric Monné

Marcel Porta Forest analysis and visualization

JavaScript library for data simulation and acquisition 
Renato Aurélio Fernandes

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