BCN Drone Center reachs and agreement with European Space Agency

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Agreement with European Space Agency:

Today is a great day! We have presented the agreement to become a drone test site of the European Space Agency - Business Incubation Centre.

The event has been presented by authorities from the Government of Catalonia such as the Presidency Minister, Neus Munté, the Secretary of ICT Governance, Jordi Puigneró, the General Manager at the European Space Agency - Business Incubation Center (ESA BIC), Bruno Naulais, and the CEO & Founder of the BCN Drone Center, Jordi Santacana.

The objective of the agreement consists in facilitating the use of dedicated UAV test sites to all drone-related ESA BIC start-ups guaranteeing all the necessary technical and safety conditions. This iniciative will help bridge the gap between ideas and actual businesses.

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