A bit of fun with Erle-Spider @erlerobotics

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A bit of fun with Erle-Spider

Victor is demonstrating how open, easy and powerful the Spider's onboard Linux. Control Erle-Spider around Erle's office live, via your Twitter


Tweet this to go forwards
@ErleRobotics make ‪#‎erlespider‬ go forward http://igg.me/at/erle-spider/x/7817776

then replace forward with "backwards" "left" or "right"

Spiders ready for Xmas delivery here on Indiegogo.

Send us your Hack ideas
We invite you to send us your Spider hack ideas, to show how easy it is. We will build some over the next few days. Check out "Jaws". The gripper will be 3D printed and a video will be made available soon

Dar soporte a la campanya de IndieGogo de los amigos de Erle Robotics.
Y poner una araña robótica esta navidad en vuestras vidas !

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