Introducing @Project_Tango to the #drones community in Spain at the 7th Conferences of #lleida #drone

by - 20:25

Google's Project Tango technology has a bright future in the drone industry. Among other use cases we're working next to diferent teams and universitys to bring solutions for problems such as sense and avoid or obstacle avoiding, for use in our FAED and Drone Logistics Platform projects, and SLAM scenarios where drones can be sent over closed areas and recognize and scan those for future missions and other uses.

In the 7th LleidaDrone Professional and Amateur Drone Conferences, held in Lleida, thousands of visitors have come through our stands, with hundreds attending our conferences, where Project Tango was lively demoed on two screens, with point cloud aplications, VR and AR, and others available.

Of course actual hardware implementation on a 7" tablet is not the best for our needed uses, but we're sure Project Tango will have soon new form factors ready for our uses.

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