Nota de prensa de la colaboración de @ErleRobotics con el Proyecto FAED de LleidaDrone

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    Erle Robotics SL, Vitoria, Spain, 7 July 2015


Erle Robotics powers the FAED defibrillator drone


Erle Robotics, which recently launched the first Ubuntu smart drone and is known for its Linux-based artificial brains for robots and drones, today announced its role in the FAED (Flying Automated Electronic Defibrillator) Project.

The FAED, created by Andreu Ibáñez the founder of Lleida Drone, is controlled by the Erle-Brain.  It carries a user friendly AED to a cardiac emergency, faster than a conventional ambulance response.

FAED  partners include Google, BenQ, HP, OSRFGigabyteNeosalus SolutionsAdiemedLiquid Galaxy LAB and Erle Robotics

"This is a good example of the benefits our products can bring as well as showing our vision for a future where robotics improve upon and are incorporated into our day-to-day lives, " said CEO Carlos Uraga.   


Contact: Carlos Uraga, Ulrica Marshall, Alison Scott 

+34 619 420 011

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