Visiting the @catuav #drone #uav #uas legalized test site @ShephardNews CTC de Moià, Barcelona, Spain

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Together diferent investigation teams from main Catalonia universities, EPS, ETSEA and UAB, I'm visiting again the installations that CATUAV have in Moià, near Barcelona, Spain.

It's a pleasure to listen again Jordi Santacana, CATUAV Director, in how the project is growing and achieving this unique level in drone and UAV technology, that is prime time around the world.

 Mobile control UAV unit  

Main building integrated in the nature (under construction)

 Inner vist of the mobile control UAV unit  

 Atmos 6 

Presence in international Unmanned Vehicles Shephard magazine.

Look for the upcoming information about the Lleida Drone VI professional conferences in CATUAV CTC test site  next december.

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