Una sonrisa futurística entre tanto lamento, Gofor Drones un #drone siempre a tu servicio, un invento de @alexcornell gracias @wearabletechES

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De los americanos nos podemos esperar todo, y si no es por que se presentó el 8 de abril diria que es un april's fool...
Lean y si no tienen paciencia vayan al vídeo directamente

"Gofor provides drones on demand. Using our mobile app, you can task a drone to complete a variety of helpful tasks. "Uber for drones".http://gofordrones.com

San Francisco, Cali -- April 6th 2014 - Gofor, a Bay Area startup, announces the launch its new mobile app of the same name, created to provide drones on demand. "Like Uber for Drones", Gofor enables users to task drones to help them with a variety of tasks.

The consumer drone market has exploded over the last couple years. Unfortunately, the most exciting technologies are typically reserved for the military; consumer drones meanwhile mostly resemble child's toys and RC helicopters, capable of nothing more than novelty aerial imaging.

No longer.

Gofor is poised to take the consumer drone market to the next level. With a new fleet of drones on demand, Gofor will make this technology useful to the consumer -- capable of providing users with a multitude of services.

Using the Gofor app, drones can be requested to perform one of five preset task assignments. From location scouting to home security, Gofor's tasks are basic, but undeniably helpful. Users of apps like Uber or Lyft will be familiar with the map-based dispatch interface. Drones in the vicinity appear over the map, and an approximate ETA is shown depending on the requested task. Depending on the task, drones either operate autonomously or are flown by skilled operators.

Gofor adds an entirely new layer of service to the consumer drone market. The app will be available for all iOS devices, with Android to come early 2015. The initial release is limited to five cities in the US (SF being the only public test market)."

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